Sunday, May 18, 2008


I started seeing things (ghosts) about 7 years ago. Yes, I know this may be funny to some but it has become part of my everyday life. My wife decided to make this blog for me so I can log down everything I see. I can think back to when this whole thing started for me, it was kinda freaky and yes, I was in denial.. Who knows maybe I am crazy and just full of crap but the things that have happened to me and things I have seen are pretty hard to explain.
My wife showed me a picture of me when I was about 8 years old. I was in Santa Barbara at my grandparents house when the picture was taken. In the background there is a face of an unknown person. My wife can post the pic. So I guess I have had this my whole life. Who knows! I will try to post stuff as it happens to me. I could go on but I do work.
ETA- (Lisa) I should tell how i found the ghost(s) in the pic. A couple yrs back i borrowed the pic from my MIL to scan it and fix it. When i got over to the creases in the roses i couldn't believe what i saw, but i guess it wasn't a total surprise. Ben actually looks about 5 yrs old there. The pic was taken in Santa Barbara. It was used on a calendar that my IL's had made for the grandparents. That's why there is a hole on top. To hang it.


Ben said...
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Ashley Hester said...

WOW!!!! Tell about your spirit guider

♥Lisa♥ said...

Finally, now get busy typing!!

Ashley Hester said...

booooo bout ready for a new story...soon!